Why you don´t listen

White silence = VIOLENCE
Ooh that was emotional. Can´t remember exacty what I said that day, but I guess it is true.

It is very easy to explain why so few people are listening to what i am saying or read what I write by now. You just listen to what you want to hear and I don´t say what you want to hear. I say what you do not want to hear. I take a look at you and can tell you most of your biggest problems within the first seconds and I speak the truth out loud, because almost nobody else does. Especially not the people you call your friends and family. They are lying to you as you are lying to them and to yourself every day.


Think of all the people who call themselves health, life, fitness and mental coaches. The ones who tell you to just think positive or it would be ok to have a cheat day and fill yourself with poison once in a while. But you trust them because they achieved to “earn” some kind of degree. There was this nutrionist on Instagram who compared sugar to cocaine and wrote it would be addictive on the same level which is not true. Sugar is addictive as heroin and probably worse because even the smell of sugar can make you addicted. (That´s probably a reason why it is used in cigarettes and maybe also in cannabis). He answered sth like “this guy´s got knowledge” and thought he would have agreed with me, but in fact I corrected him and told him that he was wrong and should get tought by me, but he did not understand.

No wonder that people are totally confused what to believe and this is probably one of the ones who go in the right direction is what I saw on his feed. But it´s not just nutritionist. I visited more than 100 doctor´s in the last 2 years in Germany. Not even 10 of them had a normal weight and less then 5 seemed to at least try to stay in a good shape and condition. It´s been about 30 mental doctors and psychotherapists I visited and most of them completely lost the connection to reality, but they still work for the system. Not a long time ago I thought it would just be 90% of the chefs who do not do a good job. In fact it might be 90% of the people in our first world who lost the connection to reality. I have experienced the same thing working in any branch and of course it is even lawyers, judges, policemen, politicians. The only reason they are successful with what they do is that they all cheat and they work together. And exactly this is my big problem. As I do not cheat any more and fight for equality instead of the rich become richer the deeply injected process of separation against the one who is different works pretty well. Like I said almost nobody want to listen to what happened to me because this would be the proof that your reality is a big lie and I can explain it now very simply so read carefully.

We are one race and every human being should have the same rights. That means we can not accept national states, countries, and especially government and politicians who built more and more weapons. Every person should be allowed to live anywhere on the planet and travel. But in fact you can just achieve this if you were born into a rich family or fight hard your whole life. There is no freedom. Especially not now with the fake pandemia. I would love to leave germany, but I am not allowed to got where I want to go. I am not allowed to decide where I want to live. I am enslaved to this country and pay taxes to support the system which is racist and almost made me homeless. The system that steals us money every second with the unstoppable growth. You never really thought about inflation otherwise you would very soon realise that you will die of hunger some day and if not you your children will. Talking about inflation most of the people do forget that the infation rate is bullshit and in faact you hav to take a look at the real estate industrie and also your salary and the nyou will see the system is not able to work. The system is unfinished and has always been broken. Now you decide if you want to destroy the planet or the system.

For many of us this is just a dream they will probably never reach as they have to fight for food every day or take care of their sick mother and sister like I had to or anything else. Just imagine the teenage time. Did you come home after school into your own room having a lunch waiting for you and then time and space to relax, play and do your homework? When I came home from school I had to buy food, cook, wash the dishes, take out the garbage, help my sister with her homework, play with my sister and then had my free time to do my stuff. But as you can imagine I did not do anything after such a long day. I didn´t do any homework just tried to relax. As we know know I managed to finish at least the “mittlere Reife” with my high IQ and survived it. Without this and many more things like not having a proper kitchen or bathroom for many years and being able to learn and study at home I would probably have passed the gymnasium with A+ and have become a scientist or math professor instead of a chef. But the worst thing must have been the nutrition.

The World (un)Heatlh Organisation who by the way never answered to my email asking about their wrong nutrition recommendations on their website told us to mostly eat grains and bread and that´s what I did and you maybe still do and makes us so sick. As a student in germany you can also find a soft drink machine in school and maybe you can also buy sweets and other unhealthy things to minimize your mental and physical power. All the students who are on sugar and caffeine distract the teachers so much they have to poison themselves additionally with caffeine or worse things and so their bosses and so on…

What if our children would eat healthy?

So often I talked to parents and grandparents who bought ice cream for their children and asked them why they do not go into the organic market and buy a fruit sweetened sugarfree vegan ice cream instead. In some cities like Berlin you can even get great ice cream in a store. And their excuse is always a lie like “they had to do what the child says” or it´s not so often or anything else stupid. If our parents friends and relatives would not poison us with sugar so much in the childhood, the world would be a much better place for all of us. What a bullshit to say the child would decide that you are a terrorist and destructive to the planet how you act every day. Wake up and take responsibility for what you do. The child is not responsible and your parents are also not responsible neither is the government, media, pharma, food industry or marketing responsible for your everyday decisions. It is just yourself and nobody else and if you do not want to accept it you are a weak degenerative stupid creature. My father allowed me to taste beer when I was very young. In the kindergarden the parents were often drinking fruit punch with alcohol and served a non alcoholic one to the children. Of course we tried the alcoholic one at an age of 5 or so. We changed the coloured covers saying “for children” and “for parents” and made all the children drunk that day. We could all have died just because our parents were used to drink alcohol at any gathering. Later my father complained that I do drink so much alcohol, but did not help me get rid of it.

It´s getting worse and worse is what I want to say. Imagine you had a private jet and could always fly anywhere on the world. Would you waste your time sitting at home and drink alcohol? Probably not. So it is definitely not fair that some people are born with that kind of privileges and some will never reach this. But with our lifestyle we support this system and the split between poor and rich. Because the rich manipulate us to act self destructive. If we are busy trying to survive and pursuing a better life which most of us never will have, weare great slaves as we do not complain. So do you want to live in a world where lots of people keep trying to cheat on you to survive, to grow, or to enjoy their wealth while you have to be scared of somebody who has less trying to rob or kill you or do you want to live in a world where we support each other, share things and feel love instead of hate?

How often did you invite your neighbors?

I did several times and can tell you that in less than 1% of the cases the neighbors followed the invitation. For many years I offered free cooking classes at my cooking parties at my home with strangers to help them eat more healthy and cook more delicious. (For those who think I would be a capitalist) For many years I hosted couchsurfes and Mensa Sight guests (probably over 50 in total). This time I did not bake a cake again just to eat it alone and did not invite my neighbors for it. I nowadays have realized that the world is by far not that friendly any more than it was some day and you can see it.

Hate makes ugly…

…is pretty obvious when I look at my neighbors angry faces. Today I hung up a sign saying this in germany because although I hung up some sight covers to have at least a little privacy in my garden they are still talking about me and my grandmother that died more than 10 years ago every day and check what I do. This morning 2 fat girls followed me in the woods and were laughing about me stretching my arms behind my back. I told them if I was so fat and pretend sitting on a horse and talking bullshit would be sports I would not laugh at other people who really do sports and they should feel ashame. There have been a group of the cyclists making a break and I told them about the blackberries a few meters away and they asked me where to get a beer. For so many people a workout is just a reason to poison themselves more as it was for me. Hopefully you soon wake up and realize it is much better without the poison. For you, for your friends, for your familiy and for everybody you meet and they meet.

I am totally aware of what I say and how it is heard by most of the people as I myself have lived several diffrent mindsets by my own. I would not have believed myself and would not have listened at all a few years ago. We can just all hope, that there are more people who try to find their own truth instead of following the masses so the system will be destroyed or lets say recalibrated and our planet will be saved and we will finally have peace in the world. You know what to do to support these goals. Just do it.

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