Why to boycott christmas: about racism and capitalism

If you follow the classical pattern, you are understanding the routine, the tradition, the shadow — you are not understanding yourself.

Bruce Lee


Here is another article with truths most of you out there do not want to hear. But instead of writing your own blog or do something for your health you rather read it to distract yourself from your life that you hate. Your christmas parties are probably over now and you spent lots of time with your family and friends eating unhealthy food, being lazy or lets say getting more lazy and fat. No matter if people are poor and can´t afford money for presents or a dinner party lots of Germans celebrate anyway and spent money they do not have for things they do not need or even make them sick and they repeat this “traditions” every year without thinking about it. Ok, sure some of you don´t buy presents but create something instead of investing the time to learn what healthy food is or working out to get more healthy.


The distraction of xmas with all the stuff invented by coca cola like Santa Claus makes the poor poorer and the rich richer. There are so many people in the world who suffer from christmas. Who produces all the christmas hats and Santa costumes for almost no money that you use without thinking about it?

My grandmothers big parties I do remember very well although its more than 12 years now since she died. The last time we have just been 12 people and my grandma baked 24 cakes for us. Isn´t that insane?

She did it all by herself. A few years before she told me that she used more than 50 pounds of (unhealthy white) flour to produce cookies and biscuits for the pre-holiday season and sent it out to our relatives all over Germany. And of course we did not just eat cake. There have always been one or two meat roasts, 2 kinds of dumplings, white and red cabbage meat and a fake vegetarian sauce and a huge bowl of strawberries with meringue and lots of cream and sugar. She was poisoning all of us and never really thought about it.

Sure it was a big pleasure to have something sweet after the 2nd world war what they could just afford once or twice a year but it turned to a disgusting feeding orgy getting worse year over year. You can still see that all of my relatives are sugar addicted and overweight like I was until 2015.

Create your own traditions

In 2017 I decided to create a new tradition for myself instead of following old stupid traditions my parents and grandparents were celebrating. I started doing one of the things I hated most in life and have never been good at it. It was running. On December 24th 2017 it was the first time for me to use the treadmill in the gym and since then I ran lots of times. Last year I shared this tradition with the drug addicted girl whose live I saved and she also started running and was very happy about it. I thought her several routines that made her get off cocaine, MDMA and crystal meth within 6 months and she is still clean today. if she wouldn’t have started working out she would probably not have reached the mental strength to stay clean.

The more time you spend to keep up traditions the less time you have to create some new.

Ronny Hurth

Training your body is also training your mind and mindset. If you don´t push yourself to finish intense workouts you will probably not push yourself to finish anything exhausting in your life. If you want to develop you have to go out of your comfort zone and do something you have never done before. It is very simple. Look at the people you see on the streets, look at your friends. The people who always do the same things, who meet the same people, talk about the same topics, eat and drink the same, live in the same city all their life, travel to the same destinations, watch the same series and movies, work in the same company are actually super boring and know almost nothing about the world. You can be sure that all of them are just stupid followers of their parents or someone else’s lifestyle and you can identify them nowadays because they are wearing the loser mask. And even many people who developed a little bit still wear these loser masks and the reason is very simple.

They have no own opinion, they never grew up, they are still childs but just in an older body. The reason they didn´t become adults is the system they are supporting. We are forced to go to school and learn lots of stupid things we never need, but do not learn some of the most important things in life. Why doesn´t school teach about healthy eating, how much we should work out, how to find the truth, how to survive or even how to breathe correctly?

This years christmas event

This year I went cycling topless at -1°C (30°F) and enjoyed it so much. All the other people outside were wearing their thick winter jackets and scarves and probably 2,3 or 4 layers of clothing to stay warm. Even most of the people who were running were wearing 2 layers except of one guy wearing shorts. The reason is they do not even know how to breathe correctly as I didn´t know it until 2 years ago. You probably agree to me when I say that breathing is one of the most important things in our lives even if you don’t totally understand what I mean with it. I suggest you to research yourself about the Wim Hof method and Ujjayi breathing and start practicing and you will understand and enjoy the benefits very soon. Another thing would be to inform yourself about healthy food. You can use my simple suggestion to eat alkaline and could just copy my perfect diet or you can search for your own truth and try it by yourself.

As usual I wrote something completely different than I was thinking about. That is the big difference of writing a blog, recording a video for my Youtube channel or Instagram or talk to somebody.

Christmas and capitalism

You just have to look in the city centers, old towns, the shopping malls, the super markets and you see the big difference between christmas time and the rest of the year. I think I do not have to explain you how much energy, time and money is wasted during the winter holiday season and it already starts weeks ago with the last weekend of November the nowadays so called “black friday” (weekend) when people start spending their salaries on presents, decoration, hot wine, christmas markets, christmas clothing and whatever else they think they would need. Although the world is in a big crisis and million lost their jobs and their companies or their flat, their cars, spent all their savings to survive you see hundreds of people lining up to buy stuff nobody needs.

Maximize profits and shop faster

Who profits? Cui bono?

Is a question you should ask yourself very regularly. Think about it. What did you buy, what did you get? Did you buy parfumes and other cosmetics to support the pharma industry? Did you get your first car from your parents that you don´t “have to” use your environmental friendly bicycle any more? Did you give away sweets to support the pharma and sugar industry? A new phone, TV, notebook, clothes, vouchers, a holiday, some dust collector for the cupboard or maybe something self created what you hat but can´t throw away?

This year I threw away all the useless gifts from my sisters and mother like a salt and pepper mill in bunny shape that was never working properly or a glass thing with my birthday and star sign engraved with a laser and probably several other things that I stored for more than a decade just to be able to look at it and clean it from time to time. Here in Germany there are shops like Nanu Nana just selling useless bullshit. When I lived in my home town I usually went there to buy some bullshit for my sisters and they were always super happy about any useless thing with some glitter on it even if it just was a present card. Do you keep your present cards if they are unique? Do you store postcards?

If you move a few times and have to pack and carry all this useless things like me you think about it more often than if it was just lying in some box in the cellar you never open, see or care about. But if your life is boring, you never move, you never experience new jobs, new friends, new cities, new countries you keep storing more and more useless things somewhere at home and don´t realize how much trash you possess until you die. Then someone else has to sort out all the trash for you as you have always been to busy to take care of it or too sentimental to let go of the past.

Why is xmas racist?

The christian religion is a racist cult and has always been. They made (god and) Jesus white which is one of the biggest lies in our modern world and most people never thought about it. I just thought about it about 3 years ago and was surprised about me being so ignorant all my life.

Of course I could continue explaining you racism but I am getting hungry and I know that most of the white people ignore racism anyway which means they support it because they do not even think about it like my aunt or even my mother. If you wanna know more about racism inform yourself, you will also find several videos mostly in my IGTV (Link below).

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Black Jesus is real Jesus

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Thank you! Namaste

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