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Do you feel burned out?

First we need to make sure that you will not decide if I will work with you. We will decide it together and that means that I also have the option to choose you.

If you apply to work with me we will start to get to know each other in an application session. This interview is used to find the biggest problems and set goals what we want to reach. That will help to estimate how long, how regular, how intense and if we will work together. If you want to get the best results it makes sense to book me for a 3-day 24h/day intense face-2-face boot camp, but it might be possible that you are not yet strong enough to make a change that fast and maybe it is too expensive for you so I thought about it a long time and as you can see I offer many different options and I am open to create a special program for you if you ask and of course pay for it. Feel free to ask for special conditions to teach in schools kindergardens, universities,…

In the very beginning right after the application session we will usually make a video call or meet at your place and get rid of unhealthy and useless things at your home and work on your schedule and set up new routines for more efficiency and of course more happiness and fun.

15 Min Online Mentoring (max. 3 p.p.)30 €60 €
45 Min Interview for mentees100 €200 €
1-on-1 mentoring, happiness training, life coaching,
cooking classes, health advisory, nutrition consultation,
online marketing, gastronomy trainings,
recipe creation, menu creation, (online)
150 €300 €
1-on-1 mentoring,.. (live)200 €400 €
Group Mentoring (online via Telegram price p.p.)14 € /
2 weeks
30 € / 2 weeks
Group mentoring day (6 hours live)450 €900 €
Group mentoring weekend (sat 8 am – sun 6 pm live – accomodation possible) 750 €1500 €
60 Min. keynote speech + expensesfrom
1750 €
3500 €
Long term mentoringfrom
99 €
199 € /month
Adronny Lifestyle Coaching Price List July 2020

Discounts and special pricing packages

Feel free to ask for a discount if you want to book multiple hours in advance know me in person, are a student, a group, unemployed, already live vegan or glutenfree or sugarfree.

Long term coaching package (best value)

Progress often takes time and should be done slowly but steadily. I often started too fast and stopped aftere a few days and weeks and I do not want you to experience the same. So instead of waste a lot of money and learn more than you can adapt, it might make sense to take your time and focus on a long term progress.

  • Join the mentoring Telegram group, make new friends and discuss with the crowd about daily problems
  • 1x, 2x, or 4x monthly 30 Min 1-on-1 online mentoring
  • 1x, 2x, or 4x per year 1-on-1 live mentoring
  • additional hours possible
  • starting from 99 € per month

What to expect / which topics?

  • 5 basics of living
  • natural living
  • listen to your intuition
  • motivation
  • meaning of life
  • better sleep
  • day routine
  • very different workouts
  • Why gyms are unhealthy…?
  • fascia, pain, ph level
  • skincare – less pharma – stay clean
  • meal prep / cooking / shopping
  • nutrition and effects to the body and mind
  • stress reduction and meditation
  • breath and relaxation
  • work out, recovery and self massage
  • increase happiness and start to love yourself
  • communication skills and techniques
  • partnership and sexuality
  • What is male/female?
  • sprouting and some gardening
  • wild herbs and what to find
  • (theoretical uses of medical marihuana)
  • the combination of all topics and how you are involved

Group Training Accomodation possibilities

  • 1. option – camping: you can set up a tent in my garden if you are looking for a very natural and pricey place to sleep and you can use a bathroom with toilet and shower inside the house
  • 2. option – apartment: 1 unfurnished bedroom with your own bathroom and bath tub to use inside the house
  • 3. option ext. apartment: depending on your needs – just ask
  • 4. option: feel free to book your own room

Didn´t find what you are looking for? Feel free to send me an email or just use the contact form below.

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