My uncle is infected by Corona

BIologically infected

Ok, ok, ok I got to tell you I am sorry that I did not want to believe in SARS-Cov2 or the so called Corona Virus. My uncle, his ex-wife, her husband and her 2 children are infected by Corona and now I know even better that it is all bullshit. My uncle and the ex-wife who are both obese and do not do any sports had some flu symptoms and called their doctor to go there and make a test. The doctor said it is not necessary and told them via the phone they would be infected by Corona and have to be quarantined for 2 weeks. They are all mentally retarded hillbillys from an area called Saarland. The Saarland is a German state close to France where about 300 000 inhabitants are spread out very widely. So actuality it is a city with lots of nature in between.


Very sorry that I did not blog about this before, but if you follow ALL my social media channels you will have heard of it before. I think I already talked about it in an Instagram video, but the reactions were – not surprisingly – close to zero. Why? because you don´t care about the truth. You just believe what is comfortable for you and served on a silver plate with glitter and flowers on top. I already blogged about “Why you don´t listen” a few months ago. Don´t forget to write a comment there after reading.

In Saarland in the 14 days period there have been counted 24 Corona “infected” persons. Now we know that 5 (20%) of these 24 persons have never been tested. This is how you fake the numbers when you have infected people without testing they will be counted into the statistics without revealing the truth about the details what means that the ration of infected people per 100 000 tested people will change. I am sure this doctors is not the only one who fakes numbers because he is to scared to test people with flu symptoms as he is a hillbilly and scared of anything in the world. Th Saarland people are the most racist people I experienced in Germany – gotta say I have never been deeply to eastern Germany (ex DDR), but just lived in Nürnberg Bavaria (Hilters summer residency town) last year for about 7 months. The Bavarians are very racist, but not as racist as the Saarländer.
I lived there in my grandma´s old house and the neighbors were still the same since decades and should have remembered me as I was probably one of very few not white childs when I spent my xmas or summer holidays there in my childhood.

These hillbillys were all scared of me and looked at me like I would be a terrorist. Nobody said “Hello”, nobody ever smiled at me, no neighbor welcomed me. Even the young guy in the same house preferred to play xbox all day instead of offering me a helping hand while moving in, but he did after I have moved in. I offered free coachings there for 2 months and put a big sign in the window. Not one single person asked for it. Every time I was in my garden the neighbors from all sides were talking about me and what I am wearing and eating and doing and spread out more hate against me instead of getting to know me. A few days after I moved in I recieved a parcel for a neighbor and brought it to him in the evening. I did the same thing when I was a child. He asked me out, but didn´t welcome me. Instead he looked at me being very jealous about my perfect body – he is fat and hate made him ugly – and with a look in his eyes saying this is my village leave and never come back. But that´s not the topic right…

Covidiots please wake up is what I say all the time, but I know why you don´t. You are all cry baby boys and cry baby girls. You need a mummy and daddy to take care of you and your health because until today you didn´t take time to inform yourself what healthy food, a healthy lifestyle is or that doing no sports makes you stupid. You need some vaccine and pills to stay healthy because you are too weak and lazy to get your fat asses up to work out every day and cook healthy food or spend some time in the sun, go into solarium or take Vitamin D to be happy.

How do I know? It´s obvious isn´t it. I have been the same. I was living in the matrix too. Look at the beginnings of my journey I lost 30kg which is about half of my weight now. I would be lazy too if I had to carry 50% more weight like a soldiers backpack with me every day, but if you don´t wanna destroy yourself and everything around you you have to start one day. But what do you do instead? You avoid people who say the truth and prefer being alone or surrounded by other fat lazy sick people who tell you the same lies you are telling yourself.

“Oh you look great with your new haircut and colored your hair blonde”

The truth would be “WHAT? You just spent 2 hours at the hair dresser and spent lots of money there which you actually need for something else or could use to give it to people who are starving or use the time to learn to live healthy or do your first workout in this century. But you are still sick, fat and ugly just with a new haircut or new dress, new car, new phone,…”

You are being cruel and harassing, Ronny. No I am definitely not. If you find the truth is harassing you can just get your ass up and change it. The truth is that you are lying to yourself every day all day. Every time when you look in the mirror you see a very sick unhappy person, but you don´t do anything against it. Instead you make it worse and worse and you do not have to be a genius to know the results.

Every day you do not work out you loose 1% of your strength and it doesn`t matter if you not train your brain or not train your muscles – YOU ARE DEGENERATIVE. And that lazy lifestyle combined with very unhealthy foods lead to the degeneration of mankind. It´s not just the hillbillys in our villages who live like this and hide themselves at home all day. Not training or not eating good mean your body has to spend lots of energy in the digestion of the poisons and acids in your body and as you eat all day or food that needs long time to be digested your body has to detox all day and all night so your organs are busy and your brain is also busy as it has to handle all the processes in your body. Do you still wonder why you are lazy? Probably yes.

As I said I was sick too and it took me a very long time to accept it. I did not want to hear “meat is unhealthy, drink less alcohol, stop smoking, work out more, do more stretching, go into the nature, or get rid of your sugar addiction or stop working so hard for other peoples wealth being an employee.”

Last week I talked to a neighbor here in Hamburg and told him he should go to ground zero and search for a prove of the so called virus. I told him to look up Koch´s 4 postulates and that none of them is proven by Corona. I told him about so many things that do not make sense. What happened to the people who die of flu every year in the statistics? They just count them as Corona deaths. He could not give me one single explanation why there is a virus but kept asking ME stupid questions like “Why are so many people in the emergencies?” HmmH “Probably because they are sick you fascist hillbilly dumbass”. He continued “Yeah but they must have Corona” so I asked “Why?” and of course he had not one single explanation for anything. He reads Axel Springer´s Nazi Propaganda “news” paper BILD Zeitung every day. No wonder he is stupid as shit.

Nazis raus

As I remember I already mentioned the big publisher Axel Springer in some blog maybe about Dialects and that it is known and proven that they supported the Nazi and just grew that big because they supported the Nazis. The only reason why they have not been expropriated after World War 2 is that not just our government in Germany but most governments and influential people around the world still support racism wherever they can. The are several other companies we know all about that if they hadn´t supported the Nazis the 2nd World War would probably not have happened at all.

731 Axel-Springer-Straße
Nazi supporters are holy in Germany

The world pretends to be pro equality, tolerance, humanism and peace, but the truth is the opposite. So many Germans are so mentally retarded that they tell themselves there would be no or almost no racism happening in Germany and the world while having just white friends, white work colleagues or at least bosses, a white parliament, white people on all TV channels, white people in hollywood, white doctors, white lawyers, white governmental employrees, white Professors at the universsities and so on. In my blog post about Online dating I revealed that the german dating app Lovoo built an algorithm years ago to decreas non-white males chances of findiing a partner based on the skin color. The same thing is happening on Tinder,… but sure you will say “it´s a conspiracy theorie” as it doesn´t match your “positive view” on the world. I have the information from one of the founders who thought I am white because of me speaking perfect german to him at the phone.

How do I know? My ex girlfreind with her racist parents was exactly the same. Everytime somebody was discriminating me because of my skin color like the doctors assistant who did look into her eyes while talking to me and avoiding to look into my face at all or the cashier at the supermarket who has never been friendly to me or… she asked me why they were acting like this. My answer was always the same. First I said they are racists and some day I was so pissed that I told her she should walk over to them and ask them why they are so unpolite to me, but she was too weak to stand by me. In her view on the world everybody was a good person and friendly as she was a hot blonde girl and of course except of some jealous women everybody was friendly to her. The man wanted to fuck her and the women wanted to keep up the option to be friends with the hot girl because where the hot girls are there are also hot men and a ugly woman looks better within a group of women – the so called cheerleader effect.

Unicorns do not exist, the world is not a place of positivity, racism and corruption are growing fast, bill gates is a capitalist, the WHO is lying to us since ever and are one of the biggest reasons you eat shit every day.. In Ethiopia a war started. There have been 29 wars happening this year in the world according to “Zeit” magazine. I just had a little discussion on Instagram with a woman who pretends to be a doctor and biologist pretending that a low fat diet would be healthy and a low carb diet would be unhealthy what you if you read more than just this article in my blog should know is absolute bullshit. Since Atkins it is known that carbs make us sick. Every year 25 times more people die by the effects of sugar than people died of corona this year – yes 25 times that much. Why do our governments not do anything against the sugar industry? Instead they use our taxes to finance to produce very expensive sugar in Germany out of sugar beets and set up high taxes for sugar imports to make sure that cheaper produces sugar from 3rd world countries is not sold here to keep the 3rd world countries poor. Same with meat, soy, grains,….

That reminds me again of a book I saw in Switzerland. “Shut up, stop crying and start living your life.” If you do not to anything against it like I do you are supporting racism, fascism, poverty, hunger, childs deaths, forced vaccinations, propaganda media, corrupt politicians and state employees and so on.

Again I please you to wake up, before it is too late. There is not much time left. We are losing all our rhuman rights at the moment and it will never be better if you do not fight for your rights. So start supporting me and stop crying and blaming others for your weaknesses. It is not my fault. Its our fault.

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Thank you! Namaste

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