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Sitting here in the garden as very often I am reminder of my hypersensitivity, but this is not what I wanted to write about. One neighbor is listening to 90´s music, another one is watching some special sunday afternoon TV show, one was watching sports earlier, a group is listening to the most horrible 70´s to 90´s german “hits” and child songs and are singing to it. It´s been a week now or me that I almost completely stopped listening to music as I realized several things about it.

Music puts you in the past in a mood you once had. It can distract you with very good and bad memories. It distracts you definitely. You often listen to the same songs for decades. It can be some situation, some piece of clothing, or an old friends makes you listen to old songs and you behave like you´ve behaved back then. Our music, the soundtrack of our lifes connects us to the past which sometimes can be great, but mostly is a waste of time and distracts us from the present and the future.

How often can you enjoy to sit together with the same friends, listen to the same music and talk about the same things?

Being a teenager we usually did the same things and hung around somewhere outside, drinking, or smoking weed and talked. Sometimes we had music, but there was no bluetooth or smartphones so we had to carry a big ghetto blaster with very heavy batteries. And this continued for a long time. Later I did other things like playing video games, poker, watching movies, going into discos and bars and so on.

Is this all you think you can achieve or is this just what somebody told you?

From my perspective now this is all more or less the same. You spent lots of time and money to distract yourself from yourself. You avoid spending time with yourself, finish your stuff, make decisions, work out, eat healthy, live healthy, be creative, but mostly you do not focus on what you are made for. Human development and reproduction You avoid to solve your problems asap and give them the power to influence you much longer or much more intense than needed and waste a lot of energy to in putting things off. And this is what media and art and music is made for. Somebody is creating something and hopes you do spend/waste your time/money with it. Often you do not even realize it which makes it a much bigger prolem than you probably thought. Nowadays the human mind is known very good and the big mass is easy to control. As people are easy to distract, there is just a very little time window to catch their attention and because they are so overwhelmed every day and do barely spend a few hours in the woods, meditate, work out or anything to get their heads free they do not ask for any details and consume whatever is prepared for them to consume and “digest fast”.

Like I have just written in my last article you may also wouldn´t say I look like a genius because Hollywood brainswashed you with another picture of how an intelligent person has to look like. What I wanted to say is like usual that you make the choice. Remember you have already won the fight for your live against millions of sperms before you were born. You do not need any special genes or talents to creative something. You just need to refocus on yourself and stop distracting yourself. I know it is very hard. I often try to lay down and jump up again after a few minutes to finissh something I already wanted to finish. But this could have waited and I really had enjoyed a few minutes of rest in between a hard and stressful day.

Let me tell you about the noise you maybe already get used to. In 2008 when I moved to Zurich, I lived in Glattpark close to the airport and experience lots of noise in my life. Out here in the small village at 7:30 am you hear the church bells which ring again at 10:30, 12 and 6pm. We all forgot that this bells are no longer needed. People have watches and electricity and these bells are just noise nowadays. But they have another use. They train you how your daily routine has to be. They decide when you wake up, eat, sleep and I remember my grandma always served lunch at noon time punctually with the church bells. They never let you sleep long on a sunday or in the afternoon and should have been forbidden for decades. But we do accept this kind of terror as it became “the new normality” like our chancelor Merkel called the facemask situation which will never end as long as you do not change your mindset.

Didn´t expect to write that much, but as usual while I write I see a lot of connections which should be mentioned. Of course music seemed to have been very helpful in many situations like sports, or to change my mood in a positive way proactively but if I learned more about myself earlier, I would not have needed this kind of lets call it cheating. And as I said it distracts you and you are not absolutely focussed on whatever else you do so you do not use your full potential. That means it prevents you to overthink complex thoughts and finish them fast. And if you think about a movie like one of the romantic dramas which will probably be played tonight like every sunday night to make you feel more lonely and depressed than you might already be with or without a partner you may even cry some tears and I hope you then will realize how intensely you are getting manipulated by media.

Guess you would spend all the time you listen to music, watch TV, read about others to develop yourself.

Where will you be in 1 year? Where will I be…?

Remember The 5 basics of living and how to help yourself where your journey may begin. You do need your relaxation and I hope there is a quiet wood nearby where you find some peace or maybe try a floating session. Because like I am just reminded now, even in the parks and in your garden you hear dogs, children, music, cars, trains, planes, TVs and not matter where you are its getting worse and worse. Doesn´t matter if it is the humans directly who produce noise (and dirt and pollution,…) or the thinks we nowadays think we need. There is almost no more silence, no more nature, no more peace and if we continue destroying us and our planet there will very soon be a big crash, war or whatever. Haha – we are deep inside it, but unfortunately most of you still do not want to realize it just like before World War 1 and World War 2.

So please make your choice if you want to continue to destroy our planet, or start to destroy the broken unfair system. Many revolutions tried to be peaceful like Ghandi´s in fact his revolution was not peaceful just because he was. There was a civil war and there has never been any revolution which was peaceful and successful. We just all became pussys and are to weak to fight for our rights. Be honest to yourself. Would you complain about your government or would you even ask for a higher salary? Most of the people I met would not. They brainwash themselves to think positive and wait for a miracle which will never happen. You must be the miracle!

This like any other article, video, post, picture, or whatever I my create might not be 100%ly perfect and/or finished and today I might not agree to this any more. I am also just a human being. So before you judge me, show that you can do it better or be nice and say thanks.

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Thank you!


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