Is this WORLD WAR 3???

Dear Genius and not genius people in Germany and around the world, 

The army will do what they are told. Will they kill their own families?

Nehmen Sie an meinem Meeting per Computer, Tablet oder Smartphone teil. 

We all hope that the situation will be better soon, but what if not?

A lot of us are totally stunned by the situation and do not know at all what to believe. So I would like you to take a few deep breaths (, calm down and go 2 steps back in your mind. 

What happened in the last months and years and what would be the worst thing that happens?

I know there are lots of things that people claim to be conspiracy theories, but what if this is all true?

Why should the chance a conspiracy is untrue be higher, than the chance it is true. The only reason is that we do want to think positive. We never died or have been in a war so we can not imagine that it happens now. 

Here in Germany we were forced to have fire alarms in all apartments which send out a low level signal that probably causes anxiety.

We should stay at home -> more anxiety because of too little space, movement, fresh air.

A few months ago we were forced to use a 2nd device to use online banking. Everybody needs a smartphone and can be localized and monitored while using it.

Now we should just use cards for paying, but if electricity or internet doesn´t work, we are lost (and somebody knows what, if and how much we are buying)  

  • Fire alarm -> anxiety
  • ban of going out -> more anxiety
  • media -> more and more anxiety
  • smartphone needed for banking -> “they” always know where you are and can listen and watch
  • NSA hacked whatsapp and
  • “a spy” can hack any phone
  • RFID chips in our passports
  • biometrical controls

Next will be an exit lock and the german army is already involved. Soon they will take care that the streets stay empty. Then people will go crazy.

When people starve they will start to rob each other, they will start to fight each other and millions will be killed while the government is watching. 

What if electricity, water supply, or internet/phone will stop working?

Generation Z – the smartphone zombies will go crazy.

BTW guess why it is called generation Z… Whats after Z?

Maybe a new world order with

the rich – the soldiers – the slaves …or what do you think? 

We missed the chance to connect all Mensans and make plans in advance. We used the international events to get drunk and have sex, but not fight for peace and equality. You did not want to listen to me – i told you since 5 years. 

I do not say I am sure. There will never be enough evidence to be sure until it happened, but then it is too late. YOU ALL KNOW IT IS POSSIBLE 

I set up a gotomeeting room and will try to be online every night at 23:55 pm. I am looking forward to see you there. 

It took me 3 days to write this email.

This is not easy for me, this is not easy for you, this is not easy for anybody. But either we take responsibility of the future of the world, or some stupid rich people with a lot of influence will do it. 


I know not everything is obvious, but I also do not know what you can imagine and what not. There is not enough time to explain you the world or my world or my thoughts as I would have to tell you everything I learned in more than 30 years. 

YOU have to make your choice…

Every moment… 

Love it or leave it 

Nehmen Sie an meinem Meeting per Computer, Tablet oder Smartphone teil.

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