How to avoid Viruses for dummies

Microsoft virus

Everybody who at least knows a little about IT and software and everybody who is informed a little bit about the world knows that the best thing to avoid a PC virus is not to use Bill Gates Microsoft Windows software. This man sold unfinished software over decades just to become richer and richer. And the only reason he sold so much are marketing lies and unfair deals. There probably are a few but I have never heard of any person whose computer was infected by a virus using a Linux or Macintosh operating software. But Windows is and was leading the marketing since decades because he promised a lot and lied to his customers.


In Germany the government and all state departments are using Windows software and have big problems with it. Can we really be sure that all this security lacks which are inside Bill Gates shitty software are not built in on purpose to spy the world?

We have learned that we need a firewall for our PC and should all know that our immune system is kind of the same thing for the human body. The difference is you can not buy immunity as we have been indoctrinated to do it with a firewall and anti virus software for our computers, but as we learned that lies over decades we wish we could buy immunity and that is how vaccines became famous.

Computer virus spreads to humans
Computer virus spreads to humans

Instead of making sure that our firewall/immune system is strong and we do not have to be scared about any infections we wish we could buy something that bewares us of getting sick. Instead of working out every day and eating healthy we want a vaccine or pills that we pay for and helps us to prevent illnesses, viruses, bacteria and any kind of disease. But that is not how the human body works. You probably have used anti virus programs and firewalls and know that your RAM is affected by it. The more software you use the faster your computer will be. So the more medicine you use the slower your body will be. It is one thing to take medicine, when you are about to die although you live absolutely healthy but a totally different think to fill your body with poison to kill something that can be killed by our own immune cells.

No matter what you do there is an effect and side effects and the same thing is with software or the human body. So instead of using a bad OS which kind of equals to an unhealthy life or daily schedule we could just change the operating system. If the operating system has lots of bugs it can be hacked and if our daily life is unhealthy we can get sick. It´s so simple so why do you make it so complicated?

Of course there have been diseases like the pest which killed lots of people, but that is how life goes. People get sick, people die. That has always been the same and will always be the same. Nowadays we know that the pest died out because of better hygienics in the world and if we want to prevent ourselves from getting sick we should avoid poison. So why do we try to do the exact opposite of keeping our bodies free from poison?

So many people do not want to accept that the reason they are fat unhappy and unhealthy is their lifestyle. If you are fat you probably don´t work out enough and or eat bullshit. The reason why you don´t do it is a lack of self love and information. If you´d love yourself you would inform yourself what is really healthy to eat and to do. But if you don´t love yourself you eat more and more shit and consume poisonous food and drinks and don´t care when people tell you that it is not good for you. Many people know that they eat unhealthy but don´t change it because they need the effects these drugs have to their body to feel kind of happy. But it is not happiness what you feel. It is not the truth that you life. It is just some kind of supplement for reality. If you think different, feel free to comment, or call me and explain me why I am wrong. I met so many people in my life, have visited several countries and as I am very open minded I found local friends anywhere. I did my cooking events for several years with more than 100 people attending and the more sporty I got the more sporty people I met. Some of them are the worst when it is about healthy food, but they compensate it with lots of and/or very intense physical activity. Most of the people I know nowadays pretend they would live healthy, most of the sporty people I know think that they would ea healthy as they made some progress in their workouts. I know bodybuilding champions, I know fitness trainer, I know crossfit champions, I know vegan chefs, I know doctors, I know people who call themselves nutrition experts and many more I have looked up online.

The truth is 99% of them who claim to eat healthy don´t eat healthy. They just eat less unhealthy than before and tell themselves it would be healthy now. They are not as sick as before and as it hurts less and/or they have less problems in their life, they lost some pounds or work out more they stopped researching and pretend they reached a very healthy life. They made some progress and didn´t have the energy to continue to find the real truth.

Just try to ask some of your friends who claim to live healthy or look at them. Are they able to work out for several hours in a row every day and do it, do they have a super flexible body (mind), do they avoid any processed food, do they prepare their own food every day, is everything they eat organic, do they know about wild herbs, do they sprout seeds, do they spent time in nature regularly, do they drink tea or infused water without chemicals and sugar, or do they poison themselves with supplements, sugar, smoking, a capitalist lifestyle,…?

Or just ask them what healthy food means. About 99% don´t know it or can´t explain it although it is super simple. It´s alkaline! And it is very easy to find out. Just buy some ph test strips for a few bugs and piss on it. If your urine is below 7 regularly you are definitely doing lots of things wrong in your life and you are lying to yourself what most of the humans nowadays do.

If one knows that he lives healthy there is no need to be scared of the flu, a cold or a virus. If you get sick you will probably be cured within a few hours or days and this is not just about internal diseases it is also about external diseases. If I cut or scratch myself or get bladders from working out it heals 3 times faster than before. It does not bleed very long, it does not hurt very long and does not feel like I would die of it. Same with muscle pain. If you work out regularly and you do something you are not used to do and do it very intense and don´t stretch enough to get the acids out of your muscles you will feel muscle pain. But as your body is not already busy with detoxing the shitty food you had yesterday it can take care of curing the muscles. And working out daily also fastens your metabolic system so the good and bad things are transported faster in and out.

Let me give you some example. Imagine you injure both small toes because you have been tipsy and kicked on the corner of your table. If you would just use one leg for the next day and let the other one rest what do you think which toe heals faste? Yeah of course it will be the one that was used because blood flow is much better in this leg so the good things can be transporter out of it and the good nutrients can be transported inside much faster. So just think a little bigger and you understand how your body works and heals. And if you think a little furthe you will understand that especially your gut, heart, lungs and your brain are effected by it. The less healthy you live (eat and move) the less activity you have in your organs. More simplified we can say.

If you don´t work out and eat healthy all the time you get more stupid and sick continously!

Ronny Hurth

I know you are now trying to find excuses why you don´t live healthy or reasons to hate me, but I did not invent this system so please don´t blame me for it. I am just the messenger – one of the people who has realizes how it works and am so generous to explain it to you here FOR FREE. So instead of blaming me, blame Bill Gates, blame the pharma that tells you lies, blame the media that tells you lies, blame the people who support vaccination, blame the doctors who believe anything hot young pharma referents tell them to sell their products, blame the government to allow that all their lies are published and also support that as lots of them are corrupt, blame all the stubborn people who still believethat the drug sugar is ok to consume and the most healthy plant on the planet Cannabis or Marihuana that heals more than 200 diseases would be a drug and has to be forbidden, blame the WHO and all of their employees to publish bullshit and so on.

Instead of blaming them and complainig you could also go to your beloved ones especially your parents who are not good in researching online and finding me and tell them the truth and that probably most of the things they told you about food is wrong. Help them to eat more healthy and to work out. Tell it to all of your friends and spread my word.


If you all out there would start living healthy today – you would be much healthier and happier and the world would be a better place tomorrow. We would overthrow all governments, expropriate the richest on the planet and make the world a better place without wars, fear, discrimination and hunger.

Ronny Hurth

You don´t have to be a genius like me to start listening to your intuition. Everyone has it and knows what is right and what is wrong. Start thinking about what you do to yourself and your surrounding and take responsibility for everything you do before it is too late.

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Thank you! Namaste

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