99% idiots – the degeneration of mankind

Fortunately I escaped the Matrix, I freed my mind and used the gift of being high intelligent to kind of reanimate myself in 2018/2019 when I had both of my feed injured and all my body was over-acided and hurting so hard I did not want to leave the bed without pain killers. The decision of red or blue pill I made was very hard and it took me a long long time – actually all my life until then. It was either totally change my live and thoughts and the way I think or kill myself jumping out of the window in the 13th floor of the nice flat in Andreasstrasse 20 Berlin where I was kicked out by a racist judge and corrupted system in March 2020. You might say oh lucky you, but now as I changed my mindset and decided to find the truth I lost all my friends and family and this is really hard for a human being who is used to experience some kind of love and/or positivity from other human beings.


As long as you keep up traditions you are not able to develop

Ronny Hurth

Very simple and very true. But what does it mean? Our parents and grandparents grew up in a world that was totally different than the world is now. And the world is changing so fast nowadays and we have so much information and connections our brains are not able to process all the information. Whose parents are really up to date with computers, smartphones and the internet? Would you trust your parents to decide what is true and what is fake? I don´t do that. My mother is on facebook and just recently posted a “Bild Zeitung” article which was obviously “Nazi Propaganda”. I told her about it and told her to delete it, but she was so shocked she did not react to it until now. So the racist article is still online. But it is so obvious. The “publisher” Axel Springer was one of the main propaganda machines before during and after the World War 2. They were paid by the fascist party and grew with the Nazis. And today they are still one of the biggest if not the biggest publisher in Germany. They grew huge with nazi propaganda and never had to pay any fines or were sentenced for their Nazi support. Neither was any other company who made big profits with supporting fascism in Germany. So they just continued publishing racist things until today like all the other media companies and publishers in Germany.

So the government allows and supports nazi propaganda until today and that is the reason why Bill Gates was allowed to speak on German public paid TV this year and told the world he will vaccinate all mankind. Don´t you fucking realize that this guy is a totally sick capitalist? Why would any person collect such big amounts of money instead of paying higher wages for his employees or do something for mankind. Yes he supports some projects that seem to be good ones, but thats also just propaganda. Gates is one of the most mentally ill people in the world trying to make every human a recurring customer. He taught us with his shitty software to be scared of viruses since decades and now his plans became reality.

If mankind would not be so stupid to try to win the race against inflation what obviously is not possible we would realize how stupid it is what we are doing every damn day. In spring this year when the corrupted german government and the Gates financed WHO started their first lockdown – which causes more problems than it could help – I thought that can´t be possible. In summer I thought you will wake up when your Vitamin D level increases, but you don´t even spend time in the sun in summer or if you do you are either covered in sun screen or with way too much clothes. But mostly you are busy with your capitalist life that you aren´t even able and do not find the time to go out at noon time an enjoy some sun. Most of the people are not even informed about Vitamin D, healthy living, healthy food,… as the pharma industry has so much power that nowadays most of the media is controlled by them. So they are telling us lies since decades and almost everything we believe is a lie. I know it is very hard to accept – it was the same for me. Your first second and third reaction might be to think that I must be the crazy one because who ever you ask about it will also tell you pharma lies and the propaganda that we were taught. I know it is hard to accept that most of your life is a lie – but it is even harder to continue living your lie as we can see on the streets now every day all day?

But I know you are not even able to thing about it or inform yourself, because you are still trying to get rich and possess more than others. You try to be better than others which is a capitalist/sick way of thinking. What about equality? There are enough resources for all mankind to live happy and healthy but what we are doing is destructive to ourselves and the planet. There are these 1% of us who are so damn rich that they possess more than 50% of wealth and they rule the world because we idiots support them all day every day with consumption.

And now they found a way to transfer money from the poor much faster than before. Who profits from the fake pandemia? Pharma and all people who are invested in pharma. Who invested in pharma? People who already have way too much money. Families who were profiting from all the wars racism and fascism over the last hundreds of years.

But I know you are not able to understand it because your brain does not work properly as well as your body probably does not work properly and the reason is very simple. Our bodies are made to move all day and not to sit in front of a computer or be inside a house without any natural sunlight. Most of the people tell me they think that the “food” we can find in supermarkets and what they eat would be some kind of healthy. No it´s not I talked to thousands of people from all around the world and I can tell you what you eat is mostly poison and this is the reason you limit your potential. You limit your brain capacity as well as your abilities to move. Nowadays people who work out for about 3 hrs per week claim to be sporty or people who eat vegetarian think they would eat healthy. No you are not. You just believe in all the propaganda bullshit since decades.

I do work out about 3 hours per day and can tell you that it is still by far not enough to reach my full potential. You can find my diet here and I can tell you I could even eat more healthy. So how would you know call your lifestyle? Exactly you are absolutely sick. 99% of us are so sick they are not at all able to realize it. Sure how could you if all the people you know are also sick. And if you see me instead of trying to learn from me you censore me and do not want to talk to me. You are scared of me because I tell you the truth. The truth you can not handle. So you stay inside your Matrix and wait for the world to be better tomorrow instead of putting effort in the world to change. And it is very simple. You just have to change your own lifestyle and support me. Your friends will see and realize it and also wake up. But you are all fighting against the truth you do not want to accept ho weak and sick you are and that is the reason the rich will win the fight.

If you would follow alternative news you would have realized that the civil war already started. The police is fighting against kids, women, old people. But you are to weak to accept it and the same shit happened before world war 1 and world war 2. The same thing happened with slavery and now you are the slave but don´t realize it. Because the ones who rule the world keep telling you bullshit which sounds true to you because you do not question anything which is packed in pink propaganda paper and covered with unicorns glitter and parfume.

Wanna tell me there is some resistency? That´s bullshit. The resistency you see is also planned to split us. How stupid is it to demonstrate against against masks and distance while wearing masks and keep distance? Remember the love parades? Remember the hippie movement and woodstock? Make love not war – did you ever hear that? Yes? Sure?

But why do you do the absolute opposite? Exactly you do not know whats real and whats fake. So I will tell you how to decide who wants your best and who wants to enslave you because this is so simple everybody can keep in mind.

The ones who have lots of money and do want to earn money are always the ones who are lying to you. It has always been like this and will always be like this. The ones who hide themselves behind expensive clothes because they are so fat and unhealthy lie to you. So it´s all the politicians, all the big companies, pharma industry, doctors, lawyers all these well paid and respected jobs who are lyers.

Now look at me. I decided to give away, throw away and sell most of the things I possessed. Nowadays my life is more natural than ever before. I eat super healthy and work out every day for at least 2 hours. I prefer not to wear a shirt to be able to breath and enjoy the sun on my body as often as possible. I do wear sweat pants to be able to move properly and because I have to hide my enormous penis – if being naked would not be forbidden you would see that I have big balls and be a real man from far away, but men without balls want to rule the world with their lies and their expensive clothes so I have to wear pants and you think they as they are “successful” would be somehow better. No they aren´t it´s like all of your thoughts the absolute opposite.

You think there would be some kind of rebellion. No it´s just distraction as you do not understand the whole thing. And you do not because your brain does not work and maybe because you didn´t have the ability. My IQ is scientifically proven probably still the highest in this country. While you spend time and money to demonstrate, you just avoid to take care of yourself. You probably do not work out that day and do not eat healthy and maybe you travel and create pollution instead of doing something positive for yourself.

Now that I decided to leave cold middle Europe and move to a place where I can get my daily dose of sun and produce natural vitamin d to be healthy and happy very few people from all over the world contacted me and tell me that they like what I am doing. But you guys are still to weak to change. A guy from my home town just asked me on insta for help to grow. He told me he mostly eats chicken and rice but nothing healthy. I sent him my diet and he asked for a way to grow without healthy food. So I had to explain him it´s impossible. Imagine you have lots of dry wood and you have a lighter and want to make a fire but there is no oxygen. The fire can´t burn. It is not enough to eat 99 out of 100 things your body needs to be healthy.

But this also means it is hopefully not enough to poison 99% of the society. Because the 1% will fight until death or like I now decided to do will hide and maybe come back sooner or later.

So my friends make your choice. Do you want sick fat capitalist people to rule the world? Do you also want to be a sick fat capitalist? Or would you prefer a world of healthy happy people.

If you want to make a change – you know whom to support. I started asking for donations months ago. No actually I did it years ago while I was hosting my monthly private cooking events and helped people to learn to cook, helped introverts to connect to others and can tell you I did not receive a single donation yet, because you prefer to spend/waste your time and money for things that destroy you instead of for things that are healthy for you and our mother earth.

If I do stand naked in front of the mirror I can smile and say I love myself. If you do it and you are honest to yourself you must cry out loud and ask yourself how it was possible to become such a piece of shit. But don´t blame me know for telling you the truth. This means that if I am the only one who tells you that and none of your friends do in reality I am your only friend and all the others are just telling lies to you and themselves all day.

PS: I forgot to mention that this year it all started with Eppstein and Pizzagate. Forgot it? It was revealed that there is a huge community of rich people who abuse childs, some even eat babys and there are companies who produce a drug which is made of babys and young children called adrenochrome. That´s why lots of “stars” look so young – these pervert cannibals eat babys. Trust me I do not want to believe it, too but check the facts. Ah right you don´t know how to research.

So YOU now have to decide what you want to believe and how you spend your time…

Be the change you want to see in the world!

Mahatma Ghandi

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