#1 Sugarfree vegan organic ice cream shop in Berlin “Tribeca”

Storefront Tribeca ice cream shop
Tribeca store front

I am “missing” ice cream since 2015

Now it´s about 3 years since I started my journey which began with avoiding industrial sugar, over low carb to slow carb and now it more and more looks like I am about to create my own kind of lchf, keto, slowcarb, or whatever “DIET” what was never planned…

So the last 2 years I did not eat ice cream without having a bad conscience as I did not find any sugarfree ice cream anywhere – thats the reason I almost ate none although as a gourmet / foodie / freelance chef of course I love it. So I thought about buying my own ice cream maker – one of a million kitchen tools I want to buy, because I urgently need it ;-D but I didn´t. There is not enough space and money to own everything.

On one of the hottest days of this century I planned to enjoy delicious ice cream without sugar, but with friends. Gotta say that not every icecream sort is absolutely sugarfree at Tribeca. But as they replace industrial sugar, with ricesirup and other more healthy sweetening alternatives with a lower glycemic index, you can enjoy Tribeca´s vegan organic sugarfree ice cream without a bad consciensce. The variety they have is great. Alina, the shop manager, told me they usually have about 30-40 different varieties of gelato and sorbets in their storage and sell 10 per day. As a genius,to not get bored, she also is very active and famous on Instagram

Here you can see the varieties of vegan sugarfree ice cream that were offered to me and there always is the special variety called NICE CREAM. A fresh and 100% sugarfree banana, cashew, chocolate sorbet freshly chopped by Alinas hands… or ground in the paco jet, if you are not as friendly as me.

What kinds of vegan organic sugarfree ice cream did they offer us that day?

  • chocolate cookie whisky
  • raspberry coconut
  • banana pecan
  • lemon poppy seed
  • peanut chocolate chip
  • cassis sorbet
  • apricot sorbet
  • blue coconut
  • pistacchio lucuma
  • raw chocolate
  • +++ the special NICE CREAM – on the white board +++

The philosophy is not just to avoid the use of industrial sugar, but also to add as little sweeteners as possible and focus on the taste of the main ingredients and to intensify the natural taste. I love that, although I also love to combine lots of different taste combinations and create something unexpected, crazy, overwhelming. Or lets just call it foodporn…

If you are addicted by the drug sugar and you are used to eat it, probably you will miss the super sweet taste and do not like every sugarfree ice cream. Not a reason for a bad review, but might be a reason for you to change your diet and eat less sweet stuff – just if you´d like to increase your taste, or be healthier. (A side effect could be, that you are less hungry and probably loose some pounds – would you be fine with that?)

Why Tribeca ice cream? FACTS

Probably you already realised that superfoods like chia, berries, lucuma, acai, nuts, cocoa… are often used in Tribeca´s ice cream. Oh my god! I gotta put my hand on head. It is not just

  1. vegan
  2. organic
  3. sugarfree
  4. superfoods
  5. + antioxidants
  6. + healthy fats

It is also made with hand picked fruits and lots of LOVE.

Our choices and my rating:

Klaudia, my SIGHT host choses raspberry coconut, Didi had the nice cream, I combined nice cream with peanut chocolate chip. Raspberry was delicious, but I don´t like coconut bites in my mouth, so I would not choose it for me. Nice cream has a super silky smooth consistency and is less frozen after paco jetting it, great taste, perfect consistency not so sweet. I loved it, Didi would prefer a little more sweetness. Peanut chocolate was also great, I liked it being not too sweet, but would have loved some big mouth melting chocolate bites inside. Maybe i got traumatized by BJs some day…

History and Mensa members @tribeca

I already mentioned Alina, who took some time to tell me about the philosophy of Tribeca, where the name is coming from (New York), the founder and lots of other things. You feel very welcome there with the lovely ladies, who try their best to satisfy you with their delicious vegan organic frozen desserts. As i politely asked, if I am allowed to use the pics I shot for my IG and website and handed out my business card, Alina told me… “You are Ronny, I know you… You are “the one with the Food”… I am also a mensa member and love your emails. You do the cooking parties, right?”

Yeah that´s me… “woop woop, I am “famous” – at least some how HAHAHA”. Now that she knows me and I personally invited her to join my events, I am sure she will join us soon and will get addicted to us crazy mensans.

Hot summer in Berlin, bad season for Mangos

The most rare fruit this year is mango, Tribeca only produced a few litre of 100% pure fruit mango sorbet this year. ÖÄHM did I mention that the Tribeca employees pick all the fresh ingredients by hand to be sure to get the best quality organic products. They wake up every day very early in the morning to find the sweetest fruits. And the only reason is to make us happy…

If you have read this briliant article, are not allergic to coldness and you don´t go there to try it the ice cream, comment here with a good excuse like “you life more than 10 000 km away”…

Thank you for reading, I hope I made you smile, if not the ice cream will do 😀



Now that I finished this article I finally really read the menu and found some interesting toppings and cookies, baeeeba. Very curious about the roasted bananas and maybe peanut butter aaand a few cocoa nibs. Hmmmh I might be addicted to ice cream again.
I will definetly create my own variety of ice cream in the next 1-2 months/years. Already have an idea… Alina, if you need a creative freelance chef to create new recipes, let me know.

What I always wanted to know:
…plant based ice cream AND coffee!?! Is the coffee these jungle cats are digesting morally correct for a vegan to consume?

For MORE information about Tribeca, check out their website and Instagram.

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